August 21, 2016

Review - Ravage by Tillie Cole

O.M.G. TILLIE COLE! You slay me!!!! When I was thinking about writing my review I literally told myself, Beverly write a review, don’t just go on and on about how much you absolutely love Tillie’s work and how it amazes you that she can write anything. 

Well, I will try to do that, I will. BUT first, can we talk about how this author can make you believe she is from the South, grew up in a cult, a motorcycle club, or a crime family in NYC…I mean really Tillie Cole?? Delivering unique plots isn't new, but writing them all so well is something so few can do. I continue to be amazed by her.

Ravage is the third book in the Scarred Souls series, this series might be my favorite. At least I always feel like it is when I finish a book. These damaged men just hit me in the feels! They make me want to save them and the heroines she writes always do a remarkable job of loving these scarred souls. 

Like the rest of the series, it is told from dual point of view. We are immediately thrown into 194’s world and can see his heartbreak and what motivates him. 194 is a trained assassin and what he doesn’t do from the training alone is achieved with the serum injected. I swear my heart immediately broke for 194 and his situation. While he had some memories left and free will, it only made the struggle more real since he was driven by his love and need to save his sister. 

On his latest assignment, for the first time that love is called into question. He captures a Georgian woman who has him questioning everything. Zoya is the first person to see beyond the ugly beast he was designed to be. She sees a beautiful man worthy of love. She sees the person he is without the serum. She sees the man who would do anything to save his sister. 

Gah, this book. I was legit a crying mess but in the best way. I expected a dark read, but the emotions I felt just pushed this one over the top for me. It’s more than a sexy, dark book, it’s a book that will make you feel and honestly at times will break your heart. Tillie’s writing, as always, is perfection. The story flows so quickly and keeps you engaged until the very end. I absolutely recommend this one!!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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