September 22, 2016

Review - Wilder by Rebecca Yarros

4 Stars! 

Wilder is the first book in the new Renegades series. The Renegades are a group of friends into extreme sports. They are X Games champions and thrive on pushing themselves harder. The more extreme and dangerous the bigger the rush and that’s what they are after. 

Paxton Wilder is the definition of a bad boy and thrives on everything that comes with his reputation. Regardless of his reputation he values his friends most and will do anything for them. That unwavering friendship is how he finds himself on a ship traveling the world completing a Study at Sea program. This program is supposed to accomplish a few things, he can complete his degree and film various stunts for the Renegades's movie. 

Leah is the opposite of the Renegades. She evaluates risk and tries to avoid any situations that could put her in danger. I totally related to Leah, while her issues are deeper and more personal, I too am not a huge risk taker either. I understood her fear and motivations. The only reason Leah is even on the ship to work on her degree and tutor Paxton. 

Once Leah arrives nothing is as it seems. She is thrust into a luxuries life and immediately immersed in the Renegade culture. She befriends them all, but feelings really develop between her and Pax. You can only imagine how an extreme sports enthusiast would pursue a girl who is hellbent on keeping things professional. I definitely admired how he wanted to help Leah come out of her shell and live. 

The relationship between Leah and Paxton moved pretty quickly, which I loved. I didn’t feel like there was a lot of back and forth or wasted time. Even while their relationship was moving forward they were both holding back secrets and pieces of themselves. 

I loved how the story was about more than that just Leah and Paxton. We also have the Renegade family as a whole who are super easy to fall in love with! There is this mystery and suspense when we learn someone is out to sabotage them. The added mystery really kept me guessing what was coming next. 

Wilder is highly entertaining and takes you on a journey of finding yourself and love through extreme sports. I have loved every book Yarros’s has ever written, my only complaint here is I wanted more feels. It’s just something I have come to expect from her books and I was just waiting to feel that overwhelming heart. Regardless, I will definitely check out the next book in the series!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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