October 5, 2016

Review - Beautiful by Christina Lauren

When I became addicted to reading again a few years ago, I just followed a few people on Goodreads. One of my friends read Beautiful Bastard, so I did too. Now over 3 years later I am reading the conclusion to the series and I’ll be honest it makes me a little emotional. First, I love my Goodreads friends who introduced me to so many amazing reads and have become real friends to me. Second, I am so thankful I discovered Christina Lauren. 

Beautiful is the conclusion to the series and it’s pretty freaking fantastic in my opinion. If you have followed the series you know Jensen, he is Hanna’s brother and Will’s best friend. He is a workaholic and completely dedicated to his career. He truly has no life outside of his friends and work. He isn’t even looking for love or to start a family, he is completely closed off since his wife left him six years ago.

Pippa is on holiday in Boston with her friend Ruby. After finding out her boyfriend cheated on her and she is just looking for an escape. Randomly she meets Jensen on her flight from London to Boston and she makes quite an impression. She is drunk and rambling, basically spilling her guts about her entire life. It’s honestly hilarious and completely cringe worthy for poor Pippa. 

As fate would have it Jensen will be seeing the crazy woman from the plane again and he learns this just before they all leave on a two-week road trip/wine tour. Legit people, it’s fantastic. Their adventures made me laugh out loud! Seeing Will and Hanna (my favorite couple) gave me all the feels all over again! Jensen doesn’t even know what to think about Pippa and while Pippa is attracted to him she is too independent and confident to worry about what he thinks.

I loved Pippa and Jensen. They are complete opposites but are perfect for each other. Pippa is carefree and fun, but she is also loyal, loving and just a fantastic person. Jensen is the opposite of carefree and fun, he is driven, focused and a complete type A, but he is also fun, loving and caring. When these two are paired off together sparks fly and a real connection is formed, but what could really come between them, she is from London and he lives in Boston. 

I have loved this series and this book, with it’s extended epilogue just made me smile so BIG and even tear up. I completely fell in love all over again with these guys and I am so happy to read their happily ever afters. I absolutely recommend this series that just got stronger and stronger with each book!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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