March 6, 2017

Unwritten by Jen Frederick

My Review

I definitely enjoyed Unwritten, it has a brother’s best friend vibe in the sense that there is a little bit of forbidden love. See Landry is Adam’s new lead singer's sister, so there is the forbidden element. Plus she has been through some stuff so her brother is super protective of her. 

That’s how Landry ends up on the road with Adam and the band. Due to the stalking and assault, she has been through, her brother refuses to leave town without. Adam comes from music royalty and has experienced some of his own fame in the past. So you would expect him to be a manwhore and all about the fame, but he is actually a really great guy and knows what he wants. 

Once he decides he wants Landry he decides to make a move until he realizes she might not actually be interested him. So Adam takes a step back and doesn't want to make her feel uncomfortable or pressured. The story is told in dual POV so you can actually see that Landry is fighting her own feelings for Adam. This back and forth, forbidden element lead to an awesome build up between them and I was hooked. 

I think a lot of people will enjoy Unwritten and feel the same excitement I felt when reading. I am not a fan of rockstar books, but this one is perfect in the sense that you get this on the road, performing vibe, but you also don’t have to worry with the rockstar lifestyle. For me, that was a huge win since I am not a huge fan of angst. I have really enjoyed this series and I think Frederick did a fantastic job with Adam’s story. 

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